How to add simple user registration to allow your users to access Introvoke events

After you integrate our Introvoke plugin, the next step is to enable user registration so you can keep track on your attendees and control the security of your live events. 

There are many options in WordPress to allow user registration, this includes social login, enterprise SSO, custom login forms or simple username and password. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using a FREE WordPress plugin to enable username/password registration and login. The plugin is called Ultimate Member and can be installed from the Plugins section of your admin dashboard. This plugin will automatically generate login, register, lost password and profile pages giving you a perfect start to test our components. 

Getting started

  • Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard and select “Plugins”
  • Click on Add New button and search for Ultimate Member
  • Click on Install Now and Active
  • After installation, you will that the plugin created a few pages. Navigate to “Pages” section in your dashboard and you will see these extra pages
    • Logout
    • Login
    • User
    • Account
    • Members
    • Password Reset
  • These pages can be customized to fit your branding and include additional registration fields. The main documentation for this plugin can be found here
  • That’s it! You now have a way for users to register and login on your website so you can test the introvoke components. 
  • To invite users, make sure you publish your website and send the registration link. It’s the public URL with /register at the end:
    • For ex:
  • Once a user registers, they will be automatically logged in and they can access any Introvoke shortcode component
  • If they are returning users, you can point them to the login page
  • When they navigate to a page that has our component shortcode, our plugin will automatically detect the user first, last name and profile picture:
This tutorial only implements a basic registrationlogin form, we do not recommend this setup in production. Please read more documentation for Ultimate Member to customize your forms, include them in a better user flow, added extra security checks like recaptcha and integrate with social login to make it easier for your attendees to join your event. 
The introvoke admin dashboard will automatically pick up all registered accounts so you can make them presenters or hosts for any event. 
As always, we are happy to help with any integration questions: