How to manage your events with the Introvoke WordPress plugin

Congratulations! You are part of our Private Beta to integrate the Introvoke components on your own platform. To make things easier, we launched the Introvoke WordPress plugin. This plugin enables you to:

  • Create new events
  • Manage/remove existing events
  • Add/remove speakers and organizers for each event
  • Create/manage Networking Hubs
  • Embed the Introvoke Event component in any page
  • Embed the Networking Hub component in any page

Getting started

  • Download the Introvoke plugin from the link you received from our team
  • You should have also received your company id and auth token
  • Navigate to the Admin page of your wordpress website and install the Introvoke plugin. 
  • A success message should appear, then, press Activate Plugin

  • Now that we activated the plugin, we need to add the correct credentials. Press Settings under the Introvoke plugin
  • Add the company id and auth token that you received in the settings fields
  • Press save to load the admin center. 

  • Once you press save, you will see the Introvoke admin center for your company
  • That’s it! You can now create/manage and embed components across your website. 

How to create and embed a new event

After you install the plugin as explained above, you can create new events and embed them on your platform.

  1. Go to Settings -> Introvoke and press on Create a new Event
  2. Fill in the information on screen and upload a banner for the event
    1. Make sure you set the correct timezone for the event
    2. This banner will be used on the upcoming page along with a countdown to the Start Date.
  1. Press Create Event and you will be navigated to manage the event
  2. Here you can change the general information or  add/remove speakers and organizers for this event. The plugin will automatically fetch the users on our website. See section below for more info.
  3. To embed the component, switch the tab to “Embed info” and copy the shortcode displayed.
    1. This shortcode can be copied anywhere on your website but we recommend using a Full-Width page to ensure the component has enough space for the video component and chat. 
    2. If the height of the component is very small, you can add a Custom CSS class to change the height. In your theme, usually under Appearance -> Customize, select Additional CSS and type in the code below:

.introvoke-iframe {
height: 90vh

How to add/remove presenters and organizers

  • Go to Settings -> Introvoke and press on any of the existing events
  • In the manage event page, locate the Add speakers / Add organizers section

  1. To add a new speaker or organizer, simply press inside the Presenters/Hosts and search the user name or email that is already registered on your platform.
    1. A drop down will appear with suggestions and you can add the user that you wish
    2. Once ready press on the name

  • You can add as many speaker/organizers as you wish per event. We recommend keeping the speakers count smaller to promote better discussions.
  • The organizer has the ability to promote attendees on stage at any point

How to create and embed a new networking hub

  1. Go to Settings -> Introvoke and press on Home on the side menu
  2. Here, you can edit existing hubs or create a new one by pressing “Add New Networking Hub” 
  3. Fill in the information in the create hub form
    1.  Enter the name of the networking hub
    2. Add Circle to create a new permanent circle. Here you can input the circle name (e.g. Travel) and set the maximum number of attendees that can join this circle. We recommend 5-6 maximum to promote engagement but we support up to 100 per circle.
    3. These circle are preset by admins only and cannot be deleted by attendees, they will always be visible even if empty. 
    4. Attendees have the ability to create their own circles but those will be removed when they are empty. 
    5. When ready, press Save to create a new hub
  4. Once created, go back to Home and next to each Networking Hub, you will see “Copy Embed code”
  5. Copy the shortcode and paste it on any WordPress page to see the networking hub component.