Summer Feature Update – 2021

Whether you use Virtual/Hybrid Stages, Networking Hubs, Chat+, or a mix of everything – we're excited to round up our most exciting features we've released so far this year!

Introvoke's Product & Engineering Teams have been on an absolute tear in the first half of 2021. Whether you use Virtual/Hybrid Stages, Networking Hubs, Chat+, or a mix of everything – we're excited to round up our most exciting features we've released so far this year!

Embed Anywhere

Anywhere HTML can go, so can we! In addition to the WordPress Plugin, you can now use Introvoke modules with all your favorite website builders—including Webflow, WIX, Splash, and SquareSpace.

When creating a new live event, you also have the option to enable Registration Mode which will allow you to gather admission data and set passwords for different access levels (hosts, presenters, attendees) directly within the Virtual Stage or Networking hub. You can choose to even use this as a registration form for your events.

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Host Control Center

We've rolled out incredibly powerful enhancements to your hosting experience. Here's a taste of what's included:

  • Live Offstage Area – cue up your Presenters offstage, even if you're live. You'll be able to move your Presenters on and off the stage with ease. As a Host, you can even stay backstage throughout the entire session to control the show, while your Presenters get the spotlight.
  • More Presenters – We now support up to 25 onstage at a time, and an additional 100 cued up offstage.
  • Share Media – share your clips and other media directly from your Control Center. We've added Vimeo, YouTube, and direct file support!
  • Promote Attendees – good question coming from the chat? Hosts can now invite up individual attendees temporarily to the stage.

Enhanced Chat+

You've asked, and we've delivered!

  • Q&A - Host an engaging panel with ease by allowing your audience to ask questions in the new Q&A tab. Attendees can vote on existing questions, so you can address the most popular ones first.
  • Private Messages – anyone in the experience can now start a 1:1 chat with another attendee or presenter.
  • Chat Moderation – remove harmful messages and even block users altogether.

Virtual Backgrounds

Messy background? No problem! Hosts, Presenters, and Attendees can now add virtual backgrounds to their cameras. Use our default log cabin or gaussian blur, or upload your own photo!

Networking Hubs

Create a dynamic environment where even attendees can turn on their cameras and mics to participate in small group discussions. Avoid the awkward 1:1 matchmaking experience, and allow your attendees to find discussions that interest them.

Custom Replays

After a session on your Virtual Stage has concluded, you can now select from various recordings to show for on-demand viewers. If you prefer to edit your content first, you can download the recording and upload an edited version for on-demand viewing, all from your Admin Dashboard.

Linked Event Modules

We've always allowed Hosts to transition their audience between the Networking Hub and Virtual Stage, and now they can seamlessly move attendees back to a Virtual Stage from the Networking Hub.

Give your audience the ability to network before and after the sessions by linking Networking Hubs easily to your Virtual Stages. Keep your audience engaged even before the session has begun and enable your speakers to host their own circles of discussions after the session has concluded.

Zapier Integration

Introvoke is now live on the Zapier Integration Marketplace! Connect your audience and event data directly to your CRM, marketing automation tool, or over 3,000+ other apps available through Zapier.

RTMP Support

Using a third-party broadcasting software like OBS or vMix? We've got you covered. Each Virtual Stage has a dedicated RTMP streaming address and secret key, allowing you to create more sophisticated studio productions for your audience at home.

Elevated UI

We've polished the Virtual Stage and Networking Hub experiences for Hosts, Presenters, and Attendees alike – lending a whole new level of professionalism and sheen for your events across the board.

design improvements

Brand New Admin Dashboard

Manage all of your sessions and events, and keep tabs your usage on the Networking Hub and Virtual Stage all in one place in the brand new Admin Dashboard! Get granular with individual attendee data, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for your content and marketing efforts. In your Dashboard, you'll also be able to see exactly how many minutes and users remain as part of your yearly plan.

We're constantly shipping new, exciting features!

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