Legal Accelerators Revolutionizes the Conference Experience in a Hybrid World

Learn how Legal Accelerators leveraged Introvoke's technology to flip the virtual conference concept on its head.

Legal Accelerators is a hybrid international conference and exhibition dedicated to legal technology, legal innovation & connected domains.

Use Case: Conference & Expo

Attendees: 250

Modules Used: Virtual & Hybrid Stage, Networking Hub, Chat+

Integration: WordPress

It has always been the mission of Legal Accelerators co-founders to create an all-inclusive gathering of Europe’s leading minds in law and technology. However, the rise of COVID-19 drove event organizers to pivot to a fully online experience, and internal discussions turned to finding ways to engage an audience despite not being able to meet in-person. Knowing audience engagement is at Introvoke’s core, Legal Accelerators partnered with Introvoke to organize and stream a full two-day online conference focused on Legal Tech and Digitalization of the law sector.

Legal Accelerators co-founder Mihai Carabas said of the feedback he received from participants, “it was amazing. Everyone was satisfied by the conference and the way it has been organized. The capabilities offered by Introvoke’s components is one of the main drivers for that result”.

online conference virtual event hopin
Presenters join onstage in one of 40 sessions in the 2-day conference


While Carabas and the team were hard at work creating their 2020 programming lineup, a local design firm was imagining the online space that would become Legal Accelerators branded website. Built in WordPress, it couldn’t be any easier to embed Introvoke’s live event modules like the Virtual & Hybrid Stage and Networking Hub. With a full two-day agenda, 40+ speaker pages, an Expo Hall, and a general networking area — the site was ready for prime-time. The event organizers utilized Introvoke’s Customization and Branding Suite to customize every element—down to the colors of the text and glow behind presenters—in order to stay on-brand.

Now, it was time to focus on the content. Some sessions were completely pre-recorded and played back to the live audience – all made possible by Introvoke’s support for virtual, in-person, and pre-recorded content.

concert band plays online live stream
Live concert kicks-off Legal Accelerators 2020 Conference & Expo


With the web experience ready to go and the programming finalized, it was finally time to welcome the audience! The two-day event went off without a hitch; attendees and event organizers alike were able to take something meaningful away from the experience.

Said Carabas of the partnership, “Introvoke’s technology has truly helped us captivate our partners, speakers, exhibitors, and attendees in a simpler, yet genuinely engaging manner. Their product suite enabled us to create a tailored experience for everyone involved. The Networking Hub and Audience Engagement tools allowed us to engage with our attendees, challenging them with everything from thought-provoking polls to small group discussions.”

One of the 250 attendees, María Jesús González-Espejo, Vice President, European Legal Technology Association (ELTA), said of the experience, "Legal Accelerators has almost certainly been the best virtual conference I have attended these months. Original and fun events have been the Romanian beer tasting – which I previously received here in Madrid, networking meetings, the closing live concert. A 10 in innovation and quality".

team virtual conference production hopin live
Legal Accelerators production team manages the Introvoke Virtual Stage

What's Next

Carabas and the team are working on Legal Accelerator’s next hybrid program, again powered by Introvoke. This time, though, they’ll be expanding the experience with an event series leading up to the main conference and expo, all powered by Introvoke within their own website. Introvoke is proud to support their team in creating a virtual space for legal minds to connect, learn and easily explore Legal Accelerator's solutions year-round.

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