Introvoke x Wix

Learn how Introvoke can transform your Wix website to an event hosting platform supporting virtual and hybrid events of all magnitudes!

Wix customers have the capability to embed Introvoke’s powerful components directly into their website to offer fully-branded white label virtual and hybrid event experiences. Introvoke provides powerful building blocks to create and host an event with user engagement and simplicity at the forefront. Introvoke powers any use case from conferences to event series, employee engagement, and more - and can support up to 2,000,000 concurrent users at a time!

The top advantage to this type of integration is that now your engaging live events become an incredibly powerful marketing and sales tactic, driving your business forward in a few ways:

  • Let your SEO shoot to the roof and make the brand that you've spent so many resources building more discoverable.
  • Increase website traffic which not only increases brand equity, but also unlocks additional revenue opportunities such as paid advertising from partners and higher value sponsorship plans.
  • Drive high value actions that count towards your business objectives. Subscribe, Donate, Buy, Become a Member, Read More - are all actions attendees can easily take before, during and after your event since they are all on your own website.
  • Create a cohesive attendee journey from start to finish - avoid losing them on disjointed platforms and various links that get stuck in spam. They know that they can find everything they need in one place, on your website.

Wix offers its customers a web-building tool kit with simplicity and ease in mind. They currently have over 100 million sites built on their platform and with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor to encourage the creativity of their customers.  Design and technical skills are not required for Wix and Introvoke customers, making it a perfect duo for those of all levels of skill and experience to create, launch, and host their first of many virtual and hybrid events straight on their own branded website.

Introvoke Live Event Components

Introvoke has the embed anywhere edge to its competitors making it the only live event platform that allows users to embed their Virtual Stage and Networking Hub directly into their website. Mix and match our Virtual Stage and Networking Hub modules to create a custom and memorable live event experience that has your audience talking!

Book a demo with Introvoke today to get started! Already a customer? Learn more about how to embed your Introvoke components into your Wix webpage here.

Embed Introvoke and make it your own

Take the modules out for a spin, and host your first live sessions free. We know you’ll love it.