Introvoke x Squarespace

The powerful tools of Introvoke and Squarespace allow users to create and host virtual and hybrid events with ease directly on their Squarespace website!

With Introvoke’s embed anywhere edge - you can bring your Virtual Stage and Networking Hub for your event straight into your fully branded Squarespace website. Introvoke provides powerful building blocks to allow you to build custom virtual and hybrid events in a matter of seconds. You can then turn your website into a hub of custom live experience that range from fully custom conferences and employee engagements, to event series and more.

The main advantage to this type of integration is that now your engaging live events become an incredibly powerful marketing and sales tactic, driving your business forward in a few ways:

  • Let your SEO shoot to the roof and make the brand that you've spent so many resources building more discoverable.
  • Increase website traffic which not only increases brand equity, but also unlocks additional revenue opportunities such as paid advertising from partners and higher value sponsorship plans.
  • Drive high value actions that count towards your business objectives. Subscribe, Donate, Buy, Become a Member, Read More - are all actions attendees can easily take before, during and after your event since they are all on your own website.
  • Create a cohesive attendee journey from start to finish - avoid losing them on disjointed platforms and various links that get stuck in spam. They know that they can find everything they need in one place, on your website.

Squarespace offers a variety of tools such as their easy-to-use editor and templates to allow you and your team to create a fully-functional website in minutes. You can easily add a Virtual Stage and Networking Hub by copying and pasting an embed code into the Embed component of your Squarespace website builder. If building a multi-page website to host your virtual or hybrid event seems daunting, then allow Introvoke and Squarespace to alleviate that worry for you.

Introvoke Live Event Components

The commonality between Introvoke and Squarespace that makes it a powerful duo is simple - no past technical experience is required. Introvoke and Squarespace focus on the customer journey to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for you and your team. Already a Squarespace customer? Learn more on how easy it is to embed Introvoke into your Squarespace website.

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